K999-01 The Path of Purification  
K999-02 Buddhism of Wisdom & Faith
K999-03 Medicine Buddha Sutra
K999-06 Entry into the profound
K999-16 Mayflower II
K999-18 Pure land Buddhism
K999-20 Hegelīs Aesthetics (II)
K999-21 Hegel Lectures on the Philosophy of religion (III)
K999-22 This was said by the Budda
K999-24 Thus Have I Heard
K999-27 The laws of eternity
K999-28 Apictorial Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha (Chinese+English)
K999-29 Tomato blessings and Radish Teachings 
K999-31 Hegelīs Phenomenology of Spririt
K999-36 Buddhism in a Nutshell
K999-49 The four noble truths
K999-53 Seven hundred chinese proverbs
K999-56 The Rebirth of Buddha
K903-1 Buddhadasa
K903-2 Heart - Wood from the Bo tree
K903-3 Karma
K903-4 Looking Death in the eye
K903-5 Anger Mangement
K903-6 A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas
K903-7 The Truth of Nature FAQ
K903-8 Mahasi Sayadaw
K903-9 Insight Meditation
K903-10 Paticcasamuppada
K903-11 Prescription for the heart 
K903-12 A manual of the Dhamma - Dhamma Dipani
K903-13 History of Tibet
K903-14 The Democratic Vision
K903-15 His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso
K903-16 Jesus meets the Buddha
K903-17 The three pillars of ZEN
K903-18 The power of NOW
K903-19 Being good
K903-20 Lotus in a Steam
K903-21 The flower ornament scripture
K903-22 Losing the clouds, gaining the sky
K903-23 Maha Satipatthana Sutta
K903-24 Cold Mountain
K903-25 Where is your buddha nature
K903-26 The origins of Buddhist Monastic codes in china
K903-27 I Still Have One Leg